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Saving Tricks for Old House Renovations

Peel off the wallpaper and replace it with paint. Wallpaper is something potential buyers avoid because it can be difficult to clean it if they don’t like it. Choose neutral paint colors to maximize the sale value of your home. Some wallpaper, especially in a small room can have a positive effect as long as the selection is right. Choose a wallpaper with a simple, soft pattern, rather than a large, bold image. You can learn more on http://www.jensensvacandsew.com.

Installing dim lights that can change the atmosphere of the room.
Install a layer of glass in the ceiling or a sun gap (a glass hole in the ceiling that allows sunlight to enter) to enhance natural lighting.
Get rid of the thick, bulky curtains.
Replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs for a clean, modern look without having to spend a fortune.

Repair scuffed, stained, or scratched floors. Old carpets, scratched wood floors, or dirty tiles can reduce the sale value of your home. Repair an old floor with new tiles, hardwood floors, or carpets. Initiate floor repairs in high-value rooms such as the kitchen or living room. These two rooms are the ones that most buyers pay attention to.